Thursday, July 24, 2003

Google Toolbar 2.0 Beta: The Next Big Thing

I'm using the Google Toolbar 2.0 beta and the "BlogThis" feature to self-referentially describe these two things. After a week of playing with this, I'm convinced it's the biggest thing in computing since Google.

No joke.

Those Google people are way smarter than most of us. Scary smart.
1. Froogle + Google toolbar 2.0 "wallet" = Amazon rival, Microsoft .NET/Passport rival.
2. Google toolbar 2.0 + Google Groups identification = Passport rival.
3. Google toolbar 2.0 + Blogger: If you know your history, think Memex and Vannevar Bush. If you don't, try Google.
Only complaint: No OS X equivalent. May compete with .Mac in some ways. This will be remedied.

Mike P: this is what you need to do
1. Click on the link above.
2. Install the new toolbar with the Blogger option. Set up a blogger account (not sure how this works if you don't already have one, but I suspect if you click on the link it will set one up for you.)
3. When you visit interesting stuff on the web and want to comment on it, highlight some text you like, click on the Toolbar blogger button. It opens a window with the link, highlighted text and space for you to add links, comments, etc.
4. Send your blog URL to your friends, etc. They put it on their news pages and blog links. They read daily what you comment on, and vice-versa. Very fast.
Play for a while. This is bigger than it looks.

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