Monday, August 18, 2003

294871 - Description of the Automatic Updates Feature in Windows

294871 - Description of the Automatic Updates Feature in Windows: "Description of the Automatic Updates Feature in Windows"

I had a surprisingly hard time figuring out how to turn this on in Windows XP. I've decided that part of the price of owning a Microsoft computer (ie. a computer that runs Windows) is giving Microsoft total access to the machine and auto-installing anything Microsoft wants to have on the machine. In other words, out-sourcing the machine.

If you don't like this, buy a Mac or a Linux box for personal use, but resign yourself to also owning a Windows machine as a pre-requisite for living in this world.

PS. Since future versions of Microsot Office/Mac will require VirtualPC/Microsoft, anyone installing any Microsoft product on a Macintosh will be also making their Macintosh a Microsoft machine.

PPS. Update 8/19: I'm told that even this version of automatic update requires user interaction, because of the need to sign an EULA indemnifying Microsoft in the event of system damage, bugs, etc. I guess we need to sign a global EULA with Microsoft that basically outsources our computer to them. Look for this as an update to the "Windows Update" service to appear within a few months.

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