Friday, August 01, 2003

Apple - Discussions - slideshow can't locate itunes 3.0

Apple - Discussions - slideshow can't locate itunes 3.0: "I store my iTunes on an SMB share which I access from my AirPort, and I was unable to play music from the library for slideshows. Your suggestion worked! I can now play the music.

A few comments:

1. If you use iPhoto Library Manager there is a file in Libary/Preferences, in the ~/Pictures and in each Libary. I believe that deleting the one in /Library/Preferences, as Michael says, will suffice.

2. The preferences file contains keywords, helper app specification, display settings, etc. In my experimenting (I use iPhoto Library Manager) deleting the above file did not affect any of these things, but I suggest you rename or move the .plist file rather than trash it."

Reply to "slideshow can't locate iTunes 3.0":


- Quit iPhoto

- trash the file which is located within Library / Preferences

- If this doesn't help: trash the file

Good luck!


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