Thursday, August 21, 2003

BLOGGER gives Safari a Lo-Fi interface, but at least tech support is eager!

BLOGGER - Knowledge Base

Safari gets the Lo-Fi interface, unless you use the debug feature to spoof IE/Mac. Then you get the Mozilla interface. I complained about this to BLOGGER's new support group. I didn't expect a reply, but their support people are rabid. Here's what they wrote me:

Thanks for writing in about Safari. Please read this weblog post by Dave
Hyatt, one of Safari's developers:

Blogger uses tricky/advanced javascript and dhtml to render its interface,
and unfortunately Safari doesn't support what we need (yet). We assume
Safari will continue to evolve (as will Blogger's interfaces), and we hope
the needed support will eventually be added to it.

Many of us here are Mac/Safari users, and prefer using LoFi; it's a
quicker, slimmer interface, and is fully-featured.


Not fully convincing, since I wasn't looking for the DHTML interface, only the Mozilla interface. Still, it's something that they do have Safari users and they respond to feedback. I use both the IE and Lo-Fi interfaces, the IE is much more efficient.

Probably worthwhile for Safari users to submit a comment to BLOGGER.

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