Saturday, August 02, 2003

Grabbing the Nettle

Grabbing the Nettle: "The Pentagon held an all-day meeting a couple of weeks ago seeking ways to restrain North Korea. At the end of it, one expert turned to another and summed it up: 'In other words, we're doomed' except he used a pungent phrase I can't.

It was a fair judgment. North Korea was always more terrifying than Iraq, and now the situation is getting worse."

Kristof is more right lately than most, even if he usually lets the Bush administration off too readily on their peculiar mixture of self-deception and pure deceit.

I have not heard anyone make an even plausible case that the Bush administration's bizarre NK policies have had any sort of internal consistency. Of all their myriad failures, this one may have the gravest consequences for our lives.

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