Thursday, August 21, 2003

MacInTouch Reader Report: Audio Conversion - Digitizing LPs, DAT tapes, others

MacInTouch Reader Report: Audio Conversion

Macintouch reader threads are usually pretty good, but this is by far the best discussion I've ever seen on digitizing audio. It explains why this is so hard to get right, and why so many play with it a bit and then give up.

I've personally had reasonable results, given my low standards, using an iBook, iMic, and Amadeus II with OS X 10.2.6 to digitize cassette tapes. The iBook is pretty marginal -- you really want a G4. Even with a faster CPU the proces is still somewhat tedious, but to my tone deaf ears it sounds ok on my iPod.

Sometime I have to update an ancient page of mine with some photos of my setup and the particular settings I've used.

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