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From: "John Faughnan"
Date: Sat Aug 2, 2003 9:34 pm
Subject: iPhoto integration idea: smart crop

One of the real annoyances of digital photography is the 4:3
width:height aspect ratio of consumer grade digital cameras.
(Prosumer and pro cameras follow the 35mm convention of a 6:4 ratio).

Printing conventional 4" tall by 6" long photos involves a lot of
tedious cropping. In iPhoto one does this:

1. set ratio to 4x6 (either landscape or portrait)
2. typically choose largest possible area in the appopriate
3. position crop box
4. crop

This is particularly tedious on a 600MHz G3; iPhoto really needs a
1GHz G4 to work properly.

I'd like a quick way to do this using GC from iPhoto. I'm thinking of
a "smart crop" feature. This might be doable from AppleScript alone.

1. In iPhoto make GC the external editor.
2. Activate external editor to launch image in GC.
3. "SmartCrop":
- GC looks at image orientation and assumes long axis determines
whether to do 4x6 landscape or portrait.
- GC creates 4x6 crop boundary so long axis of crop box is aligned
with long axis of image. Box is as large as possible given axis and
aspect ratios. Box is centered on image.
4. User moves box if desired and resizes if desired (keeps aspect
ratio). Crop.

What do you think? Is there already a very quick way to do this?
The "SmartCrop" option would save some tedious work.


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