Sunday, September 07, 2003

A Better Blogger BlogThis! Button?

Blogger is the software I use to create these pages, which are currently hosted on Blogspot. (Two distinct services, both from the same company.)

One of the things that makes Blogger useful is the BlogThis! button. Either as implemented in the Google Toolbar 2.0, or as JavaScript that can be put in a browser bookmark, it is the key to making commentary on web pages very efficient.

Except I don't like the way it works. The window it creates is too small, and it puts quotes around the text one is going to comment on. I'd rather it used <:blockquote> markup.

This version saves me some keystrokes. I wish I could get rid of the quotes though. If anyone knows how to do that, or where people post better "BlogThis" scripts, please let me know.

PS. This has to be all one line to put in a URL:


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