Thursday, September 04, 2003

A Fix for OS X mishandling of SMB shares?

Pudding Time!: A Crashintosh Fix"The problem seems to be related to some hidden level of complexity under the Mac surface. Sure, you can tell it to dismount a network share, but it doesn't seem to ever give up a belief that the server that share came from is out there lurking somewhere. So I created a network location entitled "Nowhere" that handles the job of shutting down all the network interfaces "officially," so the Mac gives up its belief that secretly it's supposed to still be connected to that Samba share somewhere. This beats dismounting shares one by one, because it will handle multiple shares at once, and it seems to be more thorough than a simple "drag to the garbage can."
I am very much going to test this. OS X 10.2.6 really sucks at handling SMB shares.

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