Tuesday, September 02, 2003

iPod foam earbud covers

Apple - Discussions - Replacement foam earbud covers

It took weeks of moderately persistent research to find this data, but now that it's known it will be everywhere :-).

iPod replacement foam earbud covers: Radio Shack part # 33-376

Here's the RadioShack page for ordering the replacement earpads (http://tinyurl.com/m0qu). A set of 4 is $2.00. I think they're a bit cheaper at some retail outlets.

http://headwize2.powerpill.org/faqs.htm covers getting replacement foam covers for other earsets.

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Anonymous said...

One time, I got desperate and bought a cheap-o $1 set of ear buds at the Dollar Store just so I could get the foam pads. The $1 ear buds themselves were horrible...they were tinny, no bass-boost, staticy...just horrible.

I stumbled across RadioShack, too, and where I live they sell the 4-pack for $4-5...that's $1.00 - $1.25 per pad. Ridiculous.

I wasted 2 lunch hours at work driving around to find some other bricks-n-mortar store that sold these things. Everyone sells the ear buds, but not replacement pads.

I eventually googled up "foam replacement ear pads", and came across your blog, but also across a Yahoo Store called EarPlugStore. Bought a 200-pack for ~$18 ($13 + $5 shipping). That's ~$0.09/pad. And I go through them like every six months, so this thing will last a good 50 years!

Or course, it really depends on the quality, though. They may be cheapo ones that shred in a month. I'm optimistic, though.