Thursday, September 04, 2003

Rumsfeld may be on the way out?

Powell and Joint Chiefs Nudged Bush Toward U.N. (
People close to the administration said the Joint Chiefs and Powell (a former chairman of the Joint Chiefs) did not win a bureaucratic battle as much as Rumsfeld lost one. 'Rumsfeld lost credibility with the White House because he screwed up the postwar planning,' said William Kristol, a conservative publisher with close ties to the administration. 'For five months they let Rumsfeld have his way, and for five months Rumsfeld said everything's fine. He wanted to do the postwar with fewer troops than a lot of people advised, and it turned out to be a mistake.'

The long knives are out. Rumsfeld may not make it to an honorable exit at the end of the Bush first term. I suspect Bush will dump Cheney, Ashcraft and Rumsfeld -- they've taken so much incoming fire they're all used up ...

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