Thursday, October 02, 2003

Halifax Nova Scotia hit hard by Hurricane Juan

Unnoticed by the American media, Halifax was hit hard by a Category 2 storm .... One week later they're getting their power back ...

: "That might be because the hurricane, at first thought to be a Category 1 storm, will likely be reclassified as much more damaging.

'We sustained more than a Category 1 level of damage,' Peter Bowyer of the Canadian Hurricane Centre in Dartmouth said Wednesday night, explaining that 1 is the least severe on the 1 to 5 hurricane scale.

He said the uprooted trees, overturned rail cars and blown-off roofs all point to a much more destructive presence.

'My early guess is that it will be reclassified as a Category 2 . . . which is a big deal,' Mr. Bowyer said.

There's enough evidence in wind reports from an offshore oil rig and aerial views of the path of the hurricane, he said.

'When you piece that all together, it's starting to convince us that it was a Category 2,' he said.

Sustained winds at McNabs Island in Halifax Harbour measured over 150 kilometres per hour for two minutes, he said. "

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