Friday, November 07, 2003

Don't Buy Belkin Products: Adware in your Hardware

The Register
The marketing geniuses at Belkin, the consumer networking vendor, have dreamed up a new form of spam - ads served to your desktop, by way of its wireless router...

In response criticism, a Belkin product manager came forward this week to confirm the behaviour was designed into the products as a way to make it easier for consumers to sign up to a free trial of its parental control software.

Wow. This is so 21st. The invasion of the droids continues. Advertising has been used for a long time to offset the costs of web sites, now it will offset the costs of hardware. I remember advertising sponsored PCs in the 90s, but an adware sponsored router is novel.

Fair enough if the consumer is warned. In this case there was no such warning.

We are still at the beginning ... My slide rule looks better all the time ...

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