Friday, November 14, 2003 - Scientists create a virus that reproduces - Scientists create a virus that reproduces
... genomics pioneer Craig Venter announced that his research group created an artificial virus based on a real one in just two weeks' time. When researchers created a synthetic genome (genetic map) of the virus and implanted it into a cell, the virus became "biologically active," meaning it went to work reproducing itself. Venter cautioned that the creation of artificial human or animal life is a long way off because the synthetic bacteriophage — the virus that was created — is a much simpler life form.

Two weeks to a created life form. Another day, another epic milestone in biotechnology. Once this would have been front page news.

I doubt this will be properly discussed. Sometimes I see our future as an oncoming train, and all of humanity is a deer on the tracks, frozen by the headlight.

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