Monday, December 15, 2003

Alternate universe: Musharaf assasinated, Saddam at large

Pakistani President Narrowly Escapes Assassin's Bomb
President Pervez Musharraf narrowly survived an assassination attempt here Sunday night when a large bomb detonated on a bridge 30 seconds after his motorcade had crossed.

Visibly shaken, General Musharraf appeared on state television and described what was by far the most serious attempt on his life since he sided with the United States in the campaign against terrorism in September 2001.

In an alternate universe, Musharraf was assasinated today, multiple bombings struck Baghdad, and Saddam released a recording cursing the deceased American ally.

So goes history. Had the US forces been less diligent, Saddam might have escaped for another day. Musharraf's assasintation could have triggered chaos in Pakistan, forcing American redeployment to South Asia.

On December 15th, the good guys were skilled and lucky.

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