Friday, January 23, 2004

After Disputes, Congress Passes Spending Plan - McCain's speech

After Disputes, Congress Passes Spending Plan
Congress finally finished last year's spending business on Thursday, sending the president an overdue, $820 billion measure that finances most of the federal government as well as thousands of home-state projects sought by lawmakers.

By chance I heard a speech John McCain gave on the senate floor as this came up for a vote. The speech was devastating. There have been a lot of bad budgets in the past hundred years, but this one may be among the most vile. It reflects the will of Bush and the extraordinary corruption of our political process. Since most of the congress now sits in safe seats, they are presumably protecting themselves against primary challenges -- or increasing the size of their bribes.

Hearing McCain speak, I wonder if he's considering leaving the party -- maybe for a Vice-Presidential position with Kerry or Clark?

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