Saturday, January 31, 2004

Clear Channel (Republican Radio): Kill all the Bicylists

Business 2.0 - 101 Dumbest Moments in Business
We deeply regret that comments made by on-air personalities were misinterpreted. Clear Channel does not condone advocating violence in any form.'—Clear Channel Radio CEO John Hogan, after disc jockeys at three of the company's stations urge listeners to attack bicyclists with tactics that include slamming on car brakes, throwing open car doors suddenly, and beaning riders with soda bottles.

(Clear Channel is the American Republican version of Pravda -- an organ, along with Fox, for a focal political agenda.)

There's something about adults on bicycles that enrages a certain kind of person. That person almost always votes Republican, often lives in the south, and may be female or male. It's enough of a personality marker that it ought to be a part of online dating personality profiles.

Someone should do a sociology thesis on this.

PS. Ever notice that no President, no matter how active, would ever confess to riding a bicycle?

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