Thursday, January 29, 2004

Saddam and GWB: a consensual hallucination (NYT, Dowd)

Maureen Dowd: Dump Cheney Now!
The awful part is that George W. Bush and Saddam Hussein were both staring into the same cracked spook- house mirror.

Thanks to David Kay, we now have an amazing image of the president and the dictator, both divorced from reality over weapons, glaring at each other from opposite sides of bizarro, paranoid universes where fiction trumped fact.

It would be like a wacky Peter Sellers satire if so many Iraqis and Americans hadn't died in Iraq.

These two would-be world-class tough guys were willing to go to extraordinary lengths to show that they couldn't be pushed around. Their trusted underlings misled them with fanciful information on advanced Iraqi weapons programs that they credulously believed because it fit what they wanted to hear.

It's rare that Dowd says something interesting -- she's a once solid journalist that got hooked on the "insider bitch" schtick. This is an exception; she's right to point out that GWB shared a set of delusions with Saddam. (I, like most of the people I know and read, also thought Saddam had weapons and malicious intent -- but GWB should have had better intelligence than I have.)

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