Wednesday, February 04, 2004

Kaplan: A half trillion dollar military budget is too much

Trimming the Fat - How to put the military budget on a diet. By Fred Kaplan
...The U.S. Navy currently has 55 perfectly capable nuclear-powered attack subs. The only mystery is what their crews do when they go out on patrol. They don't track Soviet subs like they did in the old days, and they don't play cat-and-mouse games with enemy anti-submarine-warfare assets for the simple reason that there are no naval enemies and, if there were, they don't have ASW assets. Similar questions can be directed to much of the U.S. surface fleet.>

By Kaplan's estimate Bush is presenting the largest military budget since the height of the Korean war. One suspects it has something for every Bush consituency, especially the swing states.

Only Slate has any reasonable coverage, the rest of our media seems to have given up.

This is really nuts.

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