Friday, February 13, 2004

Kerry and the babes

BBC NEWS | Americas | Kerry wins support from ex-rival
On Friday Senator Kerry dismissed a claim by an internet gossip site that he had had an affair with a female intern.

'Well there is nothing to report, so there is nothing to talk about,' he told MSNBC television. 'There's nothing there. There's no story.'

The gossip site is Drudge Report, and the rumor is that the "intern" was whisked off to Africa. This has to be gotten out now; the worry about Kerry has always been that he would have the Clinton problem (the rest of us don't have the temptations they have).

It doesn't matter what's right or wrong, private or public. What matters is beating Bush. An intern problem should rule Kerry out, so let's get at it now.

If Kerry is out, then is it Edwards? What's his history?

Or, with everything in flux and delegates floundering, time for another to enter the race? Someone who's been fully investigated and harassed and exposed?

No, Hilary can't win.

But Al won once. And Dean could still be a VP candidate ...

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