Thursday, February 05, 2004

Mad Cow Disease is American Now

Ban Urged on All Animal Protein for Cattle
Dr. Ulrich Kihm, a Swiss veterinarian, said the United States 'could have a case a month' of mad cow disease if it was doing enough testing, Reuters reported.

...Decisions about what animals go into cattle feed are made by the Food and Drug Administration, which last week banned feeding cow blood, chicken waste [jf - shit] and restaurant scraps to cattle, but continued with rendered hogs and chickens. Industry critics objected, saying hogs and chickens eat rendered cattle, so the disease could pass through.

It's here, we've got it, our children are eating infected cattle. As risks go it's not a high risk, it does not appear to be very contagious -- yet. Who knows, maybe some new strains will turn out to be more contagious than those we've seen so far.

All avoidable. Such a stupid waste. I can't even blame this one on Bush.

The American cattle industry deserves the devastation heading their way. They could have avoided this by pressing for stronger safeguards.

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