Thursday, February 12, 2004

MAUREEN DOWD: The Khan Artist (NYT)

Op-Ed Columnist: The Khan Artist
Has Maureen Dowd gotten an infusion of journalism from the (lately silent and possibly ill) Molly Ivins? After years of mediocrity this is the second column in a month or so that's really worth reading.

Even the title is clever. The Khan artist she speaks of is not Khan the brilliant and evil Pakistani scientist, but rather George Bush. She does a wicked job of showing the bizarre contradictions between his words and deeds. GWB's greatest talent, among his many talents, may be an extraordinary capacity to lie successfully. If Clinton could lie as well as Bush, he'd never have been impeached.

PS. I suspect a rather large amount of US resources are now being spent investigating Dr. Khan. His relationship to al Qaeda is a topic of vast and urgent interest.

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