Sunday, February 08, 2004

The usual perfidy, but what's up with the Wall Street Journal? - Molly Ivins
You may recall this little charmer from last year -- the Bush proposal to "update" the Fair Labor Standards Act...

Now, in another typical move, the administration plans to bypass Congress altogether and issue the new regulations as an "administrative rules change" to go into effect in March.

The administration claims that the new regulations will extend overtime pay to an additional 1.3 million low-income workers. That would certainly be a good thing, except for the fact that it would exempt another 8 million workers from getting overtime by reclassifying them as management or professionals.

Another great deal for the corporations: They get to cut overtime for a lot of higher-paid workers and only have to add a few lower-paid workers. Do you really have any doubts about whom this administration is being run for?

We will, of course, have to listen to the president tell us how wonderful his Medicare drug coverage bill is. The bill includes a special tax subsidy to encourage employers to retain prescription drug coverage for their retirees.

But (oops) The Wall Street Journal reports that the White House quietly added "a little-noticed provision" that allows companies to severely reduce or almost completely terminate their retirees' drug coverage without losing out on the new subsidy.

And guess what? The major backers of that "little-noted provision" are all major donors to Bush and the Republican Party.

More of the same, except the bit about the WSJ. This is the second time in a week they've exposed Bush lies. The other was the budget. If you can't trust the WSJ, who can you trust?

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