Saturday, May 01, 2004

The burning shame of the US media

BBC NEWS | Americas | US media grapples with Iraq horrors
But Howard Kurtz, media critic for the Washington Post, told the BBC that the White House has not made an effort to quell the reports. [of criminal torture and humiliation of Iraqi POWs]

Mr Kurtz said that one possible explanation as to why the story was not receiving greater coverage in the US was that Democrats, the party in opposition, were not making the allegations an issue.

'We, in the media, are a little hesitant to start the debate ourselves, but if some member of the Democratic Party were to start a debate over this, we would be on it in a flash,' Mr Kurtz said."

I have little outrage left, but this almost shocked me. With great brevity, Mr Kurtz has demonstrated how low our media has fallen. We're talking lower than a snake's belly.

If I were the editor of the Washington Post, I'd have the entire staff over for a first order tirade.

This does explain why our media never covered the smallpox hoax. (Bush's faux vaccination program, which was dropped as soon as we invaded Iraq.)

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