Monday, May 17, 2004

IQ and Presidential Preference - an extraordinary correlation

UPDATE 5/24/04: The Economist was taken in by this hoax, and so was I. Ok, so I did start to wonder how the heck anyone would try to measure IQ at a state level. I assumed they were extrapolating based on SAT scores.

The Economist did put up some proxy measures for IQ, these showed no correlation with voting patterns.

My apologies to Mississipppi. | The electoral week
The Economist reprints a chart from "IQ and the Wealth of Nations". Of the 10 "smartest" states, 9 voted for Gore (NH, tied w/ Maryland for #7, voted for Bush). The average IQ of these states is 103 to 113. (Connecticut is the "smartest".)

Of the 10 least gifted states, 10/10 voted for Bush. Mississippi came in last with an average IQ of 85.

That's one hell of a correlaton. It suggests that the "swing states" have an average IQ of about 100.

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