Tuesday, May 04, 2004

Lord of the Flies at Abu Ghraib

Iraq Prison Supervisors Face Army Reprimand (washingtonpost.com)
Overall, the report portrays the prison as being run by a poorly led, undermanned and demoralized group of U.S. soldiers. Because of Army personnel policies, it notes, the 800th MP Brigade did not receive replacements as members left for medical reasons or because their terms of service were finished. Also, the report found, the troops' quality of life was 'extremely poor.' They lacked many of the facilities provided to soldiers at other U.S. bases in Iraq, such as mess halls, barbershops and post exchanges, which offer magazines, toiletries and other personal items for sale.

Neglected and forgotten young soldiers in a bloody awful citadel of suffering. The only rewards and attention they get comes from satanic private contractors tasked with interrogations too nasty for the CIA to touch.

An idiot could write a play about this. Let the battle for the movie rights begin. Maybe the victims, including those both victim and perpetrator, will be able to sue for a share of the proceeds.

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