Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Bush's choice to protect the nation: a political ploy

Democrats Respond to Goss Nomination With Caution (
A Republican political operative, who requested anonymity because of participation in the party's regular conference calls, said the president turned back to Goss because "poll data showed Kerry had closed the gap with Bush on handling of terrorism and was slightly ahead as fit to be commander in chief." The operative also said polls showed the president's embrace of the commission's suggestion for a new intelligence director "was not understood by the public." Goss had to be named "to show Bush was moving ahead."

Goss is a Bush loyalist, a safe political choice. Very much the kind of intelligence head Putin would choose.

The most charitable interpretation is that Bush intends this to be a meaningless post, so by playing politics with it he achieves two ends: a political objective and neutering the 9/11 committee's recommendations.

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