Thursday, September 09, 2004

Bush - the adult crimes News | Stung!
In February of this year, Salon interviewed Bill Burkett, a retired lieutenant colonel in the Texas National Guard, who claims he observed aides to Bush going through his military file in 1997 to remove any embarrassing information, tossing documents in the trash, allegedly the types of documents that might help answer many of the unanswered questions surrounding Bush's Guard service. 'Activities occurred in order to, in my opinion, inappropriately build a false image of the governor's military service,' Burkett told Salon. Burkett first went public with his accusations in 1998 and has told the same story consistently for six years.

Also last February, Salon reported that Bush's mysterious decision in the spring of 1972 to stop flying and subsequently refuse to take a physical exam came at the same time the Air Force announced its Medical Service Drug Abuse Testing Program, which meant random drug testing for pilots, including Guardsmen.

So he quit becase he'd test positive. No biggy. Yeah, he's a stinking hypocrite, but that's almost a prerequisite for political office.

On the other hand ... a conspiracy to destroy incriminating records ... occurring in the adult Bush era ... That's interesting.

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