Thursday, November 11, 2004

A Feed aggregator for medical topics - Reider and Ross - The News Aggregator for Medical Topics

My esteemed colleague Jacob Reider has put together this news aggregator for medical topics. Jacob is quite brilliant and a hacker besides, so I ought to have expected this. I found it by accident though when I was testing Google's indexing of blogger. Google hadn't indexed my blog entry from November, but they did index this aggregator -- which in turn referenced the terms I was testing on.

Jacob has categorized my "Faughnan's Notes" blog as a medical blog. I'll have to try to put more healthcare related entries in it! In fact ithis blog largely politics and economics; Jacob probably stuck it in his collection because he has peculiar tastes.

I shall have to see if I can add this aggregator to my bloglines feeds.

PS. Google does seem to have done something major to their indices. They are now only a few weeks behind on indexing blogger and their "pages indexed" count has doubled. So maybe we SHOULDN'T think of shorting their stock!

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