Thursday, November 04, 2004 | Bush, God and the Democrats | Bush, God and the Democrats
There is no sense in belaboring the point. Kansas may have a problem, but it will not be solved without a political strategy that has recourse to a religious and nonrational rhetoric and imagery. The Democratic leadership needs to do some hard thinking and feeling in the coming weeks and come to terms with a not so simple, but obvious fact: The country we live in is neither secular nor rational and won't be for quite some time to come.

America is, at this time, not a secular or reason-based nation. It is a faith, intuition, and feeling based nation.

As I wrote some time ago, in a different context, perhaps China will assume the mantle of reason and science going in to the 21st century.

The challenge for many Americans, especially those who are not Christian conservatives, will be how to live within this new culture.

I'm betting the pendulum will swing back again -- but I don't know when. As the country ages it is likely to become more, not less, socially conservative and "simple". The US will be an aging country for about the next thirty to forty years! That's the extreme case for the pendulum, obviously I hope there will be some countervailing force.

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