Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Global warming summary and recommendations

eBulletin - Global Warming: A Perspective from Earth History

An interesting summary. It looks like we'll see sea level rise sharply over the next 30-90 years. Maybe 10 meters higher. The solutions given current technology seem unlikely to be implemented and are not necessarily feasible.

Looks like options are:

1. Immense research into alternative energy sources. Unfortunately these don't look promising.
2. Immense investment into energy conservation -- this could decrease emissions significantly. Best funded by a serious tax on energy. Sigh.
3. Teach humans to live underwater. Hmm.

Ok, so we don't have any great options. I'd say humanity is pathetic at solving these kind of problems, but we did manage the freon transition. This is only a hundred to a thousand times harder. We must hope China will be smarter than the US.

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