Wednesday, December 08, 2004

God created the parathyroid to challenge our faith

BBC NEWS | Health | Gill theory of human glands
The human parathyroid glands, which regulate the level of calcium in the blood, probably evolved from the gills of fish, say researchers. ...

... The researchers supported their theory by carrying out experiments comparing the parathyroid gland of chickens and mice and the gills of zebrafish and dogfish.

They found both develop from the same type of tissue in the embryo, called the pharyngeal pouch endoderm.

Both structures also express a gene called Gcm-2, which is crucial for their proper development.

The researchers also found a gene for parathyroid hormone in fish, and they discovered that this gene is expressed in the gills.

Professor Graham said: 'The parathyroid gland and the gills of fish are related structures and likely share a common evolutionary history.

'This new research suggests that in fact, our gills are still sitting in our throats - disguised as our parathyroid glands.'

Can't be evolution in action. Must be a ploy by God to detect those of weak faith.

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