Monday, December 06, 2004

Killing the leaders: an age-old ploy

Generals See Gains From Iraq Offensives (
A total of 338 Iraqis associated with the new governing structures or with the Americans have been assassinated since Oct. 1, according to U.S. military figures. This includes 35 police chiefs, mayors and middle-ranking officials. In Mosul, where 136 bodies have been found in the past month, U.S. officers suspect a particularly brutal and extensive campaign by fighters from the once-ruling Baath Party to target members of the Iraqi security forces.

This does not include the murders of civic leaders, academics, physicians, scientists and others. I have the impression, from partial reports, that they too have been targeted.

The Khmer Rouge, Stalin, and the Red Guard followed similar policies. I hope the Iraqi "insurgents" are not able to equal the record of these three. It seems to take 2+ generations to recover from an effective program of murdering the leadership.

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