Saturday, January 08, 2005

How to get great press for free and fake out government: Intel/eBay "Rethink"

Rethink Initiative: Recycle

Wow. What a great PR move. I want to hire eBay's marketing/PR team.

They get a great press release out on their innovative program to handle all the toxic eGear we dump daily. But when you go the site, you find tons of marketese and a link to a seemingly unrelated nonprofit (Earth911) that provides a database of recyclers. Then it turns out Earth911 is a marketing effort for more Silicon Valley types. When I follow the Earth911 to my zip I get ZERO electronic recyclers and a mixture of marketing materials.

It all smells like a pathetic industry attempt to forestall California legislation with a clever PR fillip.

California -- it's time to move. Mandate recycling of eGear. The rest of America will (reluctantly) follow along.

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