Tuesday, January 18, 2005

How you know you're middle-aged

jfaughnan's Yahoo! Profile

This is amusing. I have a profile on Yahoo that I set up years ago when I was running some Yahoo groups and needed a profile for the group. I never gave it much thought. Of course it persists, and it has my age as 42 (true way back then). Serendipitously I came across it today. When I view it I see the inevitable ads for personals (I guess that's why Yahoo does these directories -- duhhh). Only, unlike the usual personals ads one sees on the net, the models featured are clearly over 35. Maybe it's chance, but since Yahoo knows my age, there's no reason they couldn't target the ads a bit.

How sweet. I think I'll adjust my age to 85 and see what happens.

Update: At age 85 the "personals" go away. Instead I get some very generic ads that look like they're pretty low rent.

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