Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Friends don't let friends buy HP

Boing Boing: HP faces lawsuit for inkjet cartridges with expiration chip

The allegation:
H-P ink cartridges use a chip technology to sense when they are low on ink and advise the user to make a change. But, the suit claims, those chips also shut down the cartridges at a predetermined date regardless of whether they are empty. 'The smart chip is dually engineered to prematurely register ink depletion and to render a cartridge unusable through the use of a built-in expiration date that is not revealed to the consumer,' the suit said.
I soured on HP after buying some of their sheet feeder scanners that doubled as paper shredders. They seemed to be making poor quality devices and punishing anyone foolish enough to buy from them.

Now this. If it's true then:

1. Does everyone do this? (I've got a Canon printer, I liked the separate ink wells.)
2. I won't be buying anything from HP. (Ok, so I wasn't going to anyway

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