Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Search: MSN vs. Yahoo vs. Google

MSN Search: faughnan lexia

MSN Search is supposedly out of beta today, but the url is still beta.search ... No matter. I did a quick test.

I searched on my name and word I know is only in a reasonably recent posting to my special needs/special education blog.

This is how MSN, Yahoo and Google did:
1. MSN: Pointers to Bloglines (but only to the view of recent postings) and Meblogs (aggregator). Better than nothing, but transient.
2. Yahoo: Pointer to Medlogs (aggregator) and a generic pointing to main page of my blog.
3. Google: zip, nada, nothing. Note Google owns blogspot/blogger where the blog I'm testing resides.
My overall estimation:
1. Google: complete failure
2. Yahoo and MSN: roughly comparable but different
So for this particular use case, Google isn't even in the running.

Google, Yahoo and MSN are different enough in an interesting way that I'm going to be looking for aggregators that combine and integrate the results. Google has been very disappointing over the last 6 months for many of my searches. I can only hope they have a major upgrade in the works. Of course there's another explanation as to why Google searches of Blogger may be less complete than the competition's (beyond a feature/bug of their algorithms).

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