Tuesday, February 22, 2005

A test of political mores: fun on the web

Moral Politics - A Morality-Based Political Test

I took both the two question test and the 15 question test. On the two test question I fell in the "Moderate Liberalism" category (as in 19th century Liberalism) and I had a 96% overlap with John Kerry. On the longer test I was "Moderate Socialism" and had a lesser overlap with John Kerry.

I knew I liked Kerry for a good reason.

I think I'm in-between the two axis -- but the two question test was more accurate. Both tests pegged me on "Moral Order" (ideal view of the world) but the longer test was less accurate on "Moral Rules" (rules that point to moral order).

I suspect what the longer test misses is the gap between how I'd like the world to be and what I believe humanity is capable of. So I'd like a world that was more of the "moderate socialist" order, but I don't believe humanity can really manage that degree of enlightened self-interest. The best humanity can sustain is "moderate liberalism".

Now if we make a few changes to the genome ...

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