Thursday, February 10, 2005

Where can Bush find a secretary of the treasury? Slate and Salon have an answer. Technology | End of a hatchet woman

Slate and Salon have both covered Carly Fiorina "transition" (The word "termination" doesn't fit with a 23 million dollar severance package). I thought Slate was harsh (but fair) until I read Salon's (arguably fair) hatchet job on the "hatchet woman".

Interestingly both articles came to same conclusion. Carly, a loyal Republican and, one presumes, a major donor, will be offered the Secretary of the Treasury post in the new Bush administration:
As the Fortune article makes clear, Carly's numbers didn't work because they couldn't work, which is of course what folks like Walter Hewlett were saying three years ago. And so a once great company is a shadow of its former self, and Fiorina is out of a job. But don't cry for Carly. Given her way with numbers, there's surely a spot for her in the Bush administration. Secretary of the treasury, perhaps.
Wow. What a perfect fit. Bush can't sink much lower.

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