Saturday, March 12, 2005

Faughnan's Notes needs a new home - Blogger doom

Faughnan's Notes

I've given up on Google's Blogger/Blogspot. They've had periods of reliability over the past four months, but the rule has been unreliable and mediocre service. The past week has been quite dismal.

I'm looking for a new host. I expect to pay; I've never been a fan of "free" services and Blogger has reinforced my prejudices. (BTW, I think it's fascinating that even while Microsoft's desire to sell leased software has been frustrated web apps have been able to deliver the same result from a different direction.)

If you have recommendations for a host or software solution please email me at I'm leaning towards installing a package on my current web hosting solution (lunarpages -

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Jim said...

Hey there John. Although I've only used it as a toy I've been very impressed with wordpress installed on my home domain. There is also a wordpress asp ( )