Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Theocracy has its bright side -- the catholic church moves on to the death penalty

The New York Times > Washington > Bishops Fight Death Penalty in New Drive

We may be living in a nation that is increasingly theocratic, but even that has its bright side. In contrast to most evangelical churches, catholic churches have always technically opposed the death penalty. They've just been quiet about it. That may be about to end.

I hope mainstream Protestant churches will jump onboard. Even Senator Santorum (separate article), the bane of the Englightenment, is actually thinking that maybe it's a bad thing for the state to execute disabled, incompetent or (dare we say) innocent human beings. Santorum does seem a bit fuzzy about church doctrine vs. the Pope's personal prejudices -- he evidently missed out on a few catechism classes.

It will be amusing to see Catholic bishops and leftie right-to-choose activists sharing the same podiums (even if only virtually).

Bush won't like this one bit.

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