Thursday, April 14, 2005

A serious use for a Pentium III - Linspire

Linspire 5-0: Surprisingly capable Linux desktop OS - Tech News & Reviews -

Most of the Linux installs I work around are major server projects. I figured Linux on old software was history. This credible reviewer, however, had a good experience with Linspire on a PIII. Hmm. I was planning to toss the 486 running Win98, but it sure sounds like it would run Linspire ...
... it took me a grand total of 21 minutes to boot my old Pentium III laptop, put in the Linspire CD, reboot, install 5-0, reboot again, adjust the time, date and sound level, and then start computing...

...The digital version of 5-0 sells for $49.95 or $89.95 with a one year CNR subscription.  The boxed version of Linspire will sells for ten dollars more ($59.95/$99.95) at more than a thousand retailers nationwide later this month.

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