Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Tracing one's deep ancestry: interest for adoptees?

Boing Boing: Trace your genetic ancestry back to Africa for $100 with National Geographic
National Geographic has developed a five-year genographic study where participants can join in and track their genetic lineage to a common African ancestor. The $100 test will tell you the route that your ancestors took and when, and both the DNA and genographic results will be made available to individual participants on the net...

.. You'll receive a personalized genetic analysis, including an online overview of your deep ancestral history. The analysis reveals where and when your haplogroup originated and how they lived. You'll also receive a dynamic map, specific to your lineage, on which to trace your relatives' journeys across the planet.
I believe this is part of a research program as well; selling personalized views of the data is a brilliant way to fund the research. I wonder if future versions of this data would eventually be of particular interest to adoptees who cannot identify their birth families. Something to display on those hideous 'family tree' days in addition to the family tree of one's adoptive family.

BTW, The National Geographic Atlas of the Human Journey is already quite fascinating.

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