Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Backpack: a web-based PIM and collaboration tool

Boing Boing: Backpack: a web-based personal info manager worth trying

Normally I wouldn't look at these things, but Cory's description is enticing sadly misleading:
Backpack is 37Signals's latest project -- a Web-based personal information manager that makes it easy to create projects, break them down into steps, and then track each step. Because it's Web-based, it's well suited to communicating and collaborating with other people, sharing tasks and status-messages, The whole thing syndicates as XML, streaming updates into your RSS reader or to your phone. It synchs with iCal and thence to your handheld PIM.
The iCal sync is key, since it means one could keep a local copy.d

Update: Uh-oh, Cory was a bit hasty. It does syndicate changes, but it doesn't sync with iCal. It publishes using the iCalendar standard, which is compatible with iCal (Mac) and Netscape Calendar. That's quite a bit different from synchronization.

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