Thursday, May 05, 2005

The paradoxical gladness of suffering Doctor who treated herself at South Pole describes ordeal

The physician, now healty and a motivational speaker, concludes:
'Most people tell me they're glad they had breast cancer,' she told the luncheon Wednesday. 'It's because most people say they would rather take the chance and learn what they have learned, because it teaches you what's really important in life.'
I presume she's speaking of a subset of those who've had breast cancer and appear to be longterm survivors. I think few mortals would gratefully die for wisdom.

I've tended to think wisdom is overrated; and yet there are unhappy personal experiences I would not undo -- even if the devil were to offer that option. On the other hand, some wisdom I would surrender.

A gladness for the wisdom of suffering is worthy of more thought than this weak blog can manage.

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