Sunday, May 01, 2005

Sheep/human hybrids

Scientists create animals that are part-human - Stem Cell Research -

Meechai Viravaidyah (I've mangled the name) marketed condoms to Thailand. He made them socially acceptable through humor and desensitization. He was a master of balloon tricks.

It worked very well. People can get used to most things if they move a little bit at a time. It's kind of like boiling frogs (ok, so maybe that's an urban myth ...).

Now we have the examples of gene-engineered mice and sheep who's brains have human-like neurons. It didn't take us all that long to more or less ignore this kind of thing, did it?

The next step will be even easier ....

BTW, despite my impeccable secular-humanist credentials, the 3-4 readers of this blog may have noticed I've never mocked the strong anti-stem cell passions of the religious right. Basically, I don't trust humans all that much ...

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