Friday, May 06, 2005

Stories from Mosul

Michael Yon : Online Magazine: The Battle For Mosul
LTC Kurilla ran to the burning Stryker, threw off his protective gear and helmet, leading a swarm of soldiers atop and over the burning hulk, in a determined push to get their buddies out. Kurilla dropped himself down a top hatch, to get into the burning Stryker, while men passed up fire extinguishers and even bottles of water.
The author also alleges that some US associated journalists ("stringers") are working with the insurgency; I interpreted his blog to say that the soldiers have killed persons videotaping destroyed army vehicles:
Just a few weeks earlier, when another of Kurilla's Strykers was hit by an SVBIED, a camera crew arrived on scene. As a man pumped an AK, an American sniper killed him, wounding the cameraman in the process. When it was later learned that the cameraman was a stringer for CBS who had close ties with the enemy, CBS apologized on the air.

Just as we pulled out, people arrived with cameras and began shooting footage of the scene. One of the men, whom we later learned was an Associated Press correspondent with known ties to the enemy, is dead now. The associate scavenging with him was seriously wounded.
This is an interesting voice, and a novel perspective. I've added it to my bloglines collection.

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