Friday, September 23, 2005

Wikipedia - becoming astounding

Years ago I tried to find a clear and useful reference on 'comparative advantage', a foundational theory in economics. I was frustrated by a great deal of noise, and at that time the Encyclopedia Britannica didn't help.

Today I tried again, and Wikipedia had a good summary. I knew Wikipedia was good, but it's becoming astounding.

Update 9/25: See the comments. Brittanica actually has a reasonable article. Hard to believe that's new, so either I misremembered using them or I bobbled my old search. So I'll still say Wikipedia is amazing, but I should have been nicer to EB.


EBlogger said...

I'm not sure what you found wanting in your previous research, but I notice this topic is now well covered in a number of places on the internet. For instance, a google search on "comparative advantage" finds a number of solid overviews. The wikipedia article isn't even in the top 50 google hits. (I stopped looking after that.)

Britannica's article on comparative advantage is at, which is slightly more terse but seems to cover the same informatative as the wikipedia article.

In addition, the topic is disccussed in several other Britannica articles, as can be seen in the index entry or via a search.

I'm curious what you found lacking in EB at the time.

JGF said...

You're right! :-)

I was going by memory from the past search and I didn't recheck EB. Most likely my memory was wrong. I'll add a correction.