Friday, November 11, 2005

Comment spam: moderated comments and identity management

I get more comments on my 'tech blog' than on this rants and thoughts blog, but in both cases I'm getting comment spam that bypasses Blogger/Google's filters. I suspect the spammers are using humans to defeat the image recognition test, and automation to do everything else. Fast typists with practice can probably generate a transaction every 1-2 seconds that way.

I've activated moderation, so comments will be delayed. Currently only persons registered on blogger can comment, and even those will be moderated. Annoying. It would be helpful if Blogger would recognize other identity management systems, but these are murky and difficult waters.

Identity management will be a big deal in the next 15 years, from medical records to software services to media access to biometric payment. The fight to own a person's identity will be huge. Happily our wise and benevolent leaders will thoughtfully consider all options, listen to the advice of the the loyal and disloyal alike, and make reasoned and just decisions.

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