Wednesday, November 02, 2005

The flu plan - with thanks to Katrina and Plane-gate

Bush has unveiled the the pandemic Flu Plan. It will be interesting to read the reviews in the medical journals, but at least one UK virologist interviewed on NPR was impressed. The cynic in me, which has been proved right so often by this administration, suspects the timing and emphasis of this announcement owes something to both Katrina and the Libby-indictment.

Rove and Bush go on the attack when they're under attack. The Scalita appointment and waving the death and destruction flag are political attack moves. Bush last used the 'viral attack' meme to justify the invasion of Iraq (Remember "Dr. Death"? No? That's ok, almost no-one does.).

So I'm betting this Bush/Rove are playing up the death and destruction angle to further their own political agenda. On the other hand, I don't expect anything good to come from these guys in the absence of an ulterior motive. The flu plan sounds pretty reasonable. Late, but good. So perhaps something positive will come of bad events and bad intent ...

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